Monday, January 15, 2018


Here's another Wakefield update mate! Elder Selk tried Iron Brew for the first time, we watched Thomas S. Monson's funeral, I tried a Halal Fatayer, and went on exchange with Elders Walker and Clain!
Eh up mate! I'm getting pretty adjusted into good old Wakey. At the start of the week, I felt a bit poorly, but I was still able to go on an exchange with Elder Clain in Dewsbury. He's from a French colony near Madagascar and is a pretty cool bloke. His first language is French and he lived in France for a while. Dewsbury is a really cool area. It neighbors our Wakefield area. One of the pros of the area is that it has loads of delicious Middle Eastern food. I tried my first Fatayer. It's similar to a calzone and very delicious, especially with kebab meat. One of the cons of the area is that it has loads of people of the Muslim faith, which makes it really hard to talk to people that are already so set in their ways. They're lovely people, but very unreceptive to the gospel. So yeah, overall it was an ace exchange.
Elder Selk tried his first Iron Brew. His reaction is in the video attached.... haha. We've had a really good week. On the missionary side of things, Helen and her children are doing super good! They came to church again and we should be holding her baptismal interview this coming week. Phil is another man we are teaching. He has been meeting with the missionaries for a while and just recently came to church again, which was exciting! 
We were also able to watch the Funeral of Thomas S. Monson. It was a fantastic funeral service. It's amazing how polar opposite the secular world's view is on  funeral services compared to people of faith. Most people that we meet who have recently been to a funeral, are miserable and hopeless. After watching this funeral service, I felt uplifted and hopeful! President Monson left a legacy and will be missed. 
I also went on exchange with Elder Walker. On our exchange, I didn't realize that it was his year mark. We were talking about how fast the mission goes by and I realized that I'm approaching my 18 month mark. Mental! It's gonna be a good one. Love you guys have a good week cheers!

-Helder Holyoak

Elder Clain

Halal Fatayer (giant calzone)

Our church house

Elder Selk trying Iron Brew

Monday, January 8, 2018

American Food in Wakefield

Hey peeps! Here's my update from Shakey Wakey, I mean Wakefield. My first week here has been full of Zone Conference, American food with a familiar face, and a family at church.
This week has been full of so many new things: a new companion, a new area and a new flat! Wakefield is a pretty nice city. Being back down in Yorkshire, reminds me of the start of my mission when I served in York.  People's accents here are a bit different though. It was really strange not hearing the Geordie accent anymore the first couple of days. The accents here are more of a mix between a Yorkshire accent and a Manchester accent. 
We had Zone Conference this week and I was able to see loads of familiar faces that I haven't seen in a while, because I was serving in the North part of the Mission.  It was a very motivating meeting to be a part of and I'm stoked on coconuts for 2018!
A funny experience happened this week. We were heading off to a tea appointment and Elder Selk was telling me how one of the members loves Utah and bought a lot of his clothes at South Town mall.  I know small world, but it doesn't stop there! That rang a bell.... I was like, hold on, I remember last summer when I was in Bridlington knocking doors and a man pulled over and told me that same thing. And sure enough, it was the same guy.... haha! It was hilarious explaining it to him because he remembered. He fed us some amazing bacon burgers that tasted pretty American. He also provided Ranch and fry sauce that I haven't had in ages!! It was a good time and I'm proud to be an American.... haha.
At church this Sunday, we were able to see a woman named Helen and her 2 kids come to church. Elder Selk told me that they came last week, and now they came again! That was a really cool miracle. Overall, it was a canny week in the kingdom and I can tell that it's gonna be a good one this transfer. Have a good Juan, cheers!

-Elder Holyoak

Elder Shaffer

Ping Pong in the new flat

Monday, January 1, 2018

Goodbye North Shields!

Happy New Year, what's up everyone! There's a lot of new stuff going on out here in the North Tyneside. We had some Chinese food with the legend Chris, Boxing Day deals, put your seat-belts on, and I'm moving mate!!
Heyuh, so first off the biggest news is that I moved down to Wakefield! I actually left this morning by train and am no longer in Geordie Land. I've been emergency transferred down to the Huddersfield zone (just south of Leeds).  I'm right at the bottom of Yorkshire. It's exciting!! My new companion is Elder Selk from Riverton and he went to Olympus!
My last week in North Shields was ace and I'm gonna miss this place so much! I feel so blessed, because the people were so receptive to the Gospel during my time there. I've made so many memories that I'll never forget. Towards the end of the week, it was a lot of see yous laters (because I don't like goodbyes). We received some 'kushdee' Chinese food from the legend Chris McGrath! I know that he's reading this at the very moment, so thanks again Chris for having us over haha! I'm so excited to keep hearing back from him throughout my life and seeing him continue growing in the Gospel!!
On Boxing Day, which is the 26th of December here in England and it's similar to Black Friday, we got some good deals. For example, a discounted suit jacket from £90 to £27, an automatic watch for a lot cheaper and Elder Manaligod pulled the trigger on some Clarks shoes that were super discounted.
Some more big news, I've been asked to work on getting my U.K. drivers license! I've already posted the registration forms and should be closer to getting it. It's a long process! It's going to be exciting, because I haven't driven in almost a year and a half now and that was on the right side of the road, not the left! I've heard that it takes a little getting used to switching to the other side and adjusting to the narrower streets, but I'm up for the challenge.
2017 was such an amazing year! It's brilliant to look back on the different challenges that I've faced on my mission and seeing how they have allowed me to grow into a better person. I know that there's no way that I would have been able to do what I've done on my mission without the help of the Savior. I know I don't normally quote scriptures in my updates, but I felt like sharing this one. It's from Alma 26:12 it says, "Yea, I know that I am nothing; as to my strength I am weak; therefore I will not boast of myself, but I will boast of my God, for in his strength I can do all things; yea, behold, many mighty miracles we have wrought in this land, for which we will praise his name forever." 
I know that many more miracles will occur in 2018. It's like 4th Quarter in an American Football game. A lot of the game has been played, but right now it's game time! I'm sure my dad will appreciate that.... haha. 
Happy New Years again! I will keep yous all posted on what goes on over here, but till then, I'll talk to yous a later. Cheers!

-Elder Holyoak

 Lynsey's baptism

North Shields Goodbyes

Monday, December 25, 2017

Christmas FaceTime with the family

Elder Holyoak is doing amazing and we had a great time FaceTiming with him today! It's his last Christmas in the UK and next year he'll be back home again with us. Happy Christmas!🎅

Monday, December 18, 2017

Burger King Teaching

Hello! Just a quick update. Transfer calls came and yes I'm staying a bit longer in North Shield. I spent another day with an Italian, taught a teenager in Burger King, operation brownies were a success and Lynsey is gonna get baptized!
On Tuesday, we went on exchanges up in Alnwick and I went with the Italian Elder Sicardo again. It's getting pretty cold up there being the Northernmost part of the mission, but we had some good times! One dummy thing about transfers is that the entire North Shields district is staying. No one got moved.... haha. It's because we have a lot of fire!
One unique experience this week is that I got to teach teenager in a Burger King. He's actually pretty interested and we should be having a video lesson with him this week. Haven't properly taught anyone his age before, so it was fun and he is chill.
Elder Manaligod and I decided to make some brownies for people this week to brighten up people's day. It's been a success and it was my first time cooking them too! The amazing things you learn on your mission.... haha.
Anyways, hope you all have a merry Christmas! Cheers!

-Elder Holyoak 


Monday, December 11, 2017

Baptism and Kebab's

What's up! In this weeks update Chris had his special day, we got kebabs with our Bishop, we had a district breakfast, and it's a cold one out there!
The highlight of the week was our beloved Chris' baptism! It all happened so fast getting him to that point and we are so excited for him! It was Elder Manaligod's first time baptizing someone and he was super pumped! The whole service went really well. I love the busyness of preparing right before a baptism and then seeing your hard work pay off. Chris McGrath (the other Chris who was baptized) spoke at the baptism. It was his very first time giving a talk and he did a brilliant job!
After the baptism, we went over to Sister Thompson's house to have some kebabs. Bishop drove to a take out place and showed up with these monster sized kebabs for us to feast on.... haha. And not a kebab that's dinky meat on a stick. It's a proper portion of lamb meat. It was the Sister Missionaries first time trying it, so now they are officially kebabtized! It was a fun night with the two Chris's over as well. I'm so grateful for these memories that I'm making right now on my mission!
It's been a cold one this week. No snow, just cold....brrrrrrr. Elder Manaligod got sick for a little bit this week and I'm praying that I don't catch it. Something fun that happened this week was that we had a District Breakfast! We decided to switch things up a little bit and have breakfast before District Meeting. All of the teams brought different foods and we ate together. The North Shields District is the best!
On Saturday, we went up to Ashington to interview one of their Lads investigators for baptism. He passed! In order to get back home, we needed to go through the Newcastle city centre for a little bit to catch our Metro. And guess what, it was right after a Newcastle United Football game! So the Metro was packed with people! It reminded me of after Utah Utes football games with everyone talking about the game and wearing their teams colors. We were sardined on the Metro ride home..... haha.  It was a little funny and cool situation.
Wells, transfer calls are next week. We will have to see if I get moved or stay a little bit longer in North Shields. I've really wanted to serve in the Leeds zone at some point in my mission, but we'll have to see what happens. Hope you guys all have a great week and enjoy this wonderful Christmas season. Cheers!

-Elder Holysmokes

Chris' baptism with Elder Manoligod

Lamb Kebab's with both Chris', Sister Thompson, 
the Sister Missionaries and the Bishop

District pot luck breakfast

Package from home

Monday, December 4, 2017

Snow in England!

You alright everyone! It's been another good week in the kingdom. We taught a Romanian lady, went to a groovy ward Christmas party, and I'm dreaming of a White Christmas!
Well, it's that time of the year when everyone's putting up their Christmas trees and the sun starts setting at 3 o'clock. I love serving in the North Shields area, because when there are no people in the streets and we don't have any lessons planned, we talk to people on the metro! 
One cool thing that happened this week was that I taught a Romanian lady in Romanian. Was it the gift of tongues? No, it was the gift of Google translate... haha! This super nice Romanian lady let us in, because she really loves Jesus Christ. Her husband wasn't too bothered. We tried initially to speak very slow in English to her, but she couldn't understand. So we taught her the Restoration through Google translate! We would speak into the tablet, then it would translate into Romanian and speak to her. In the end she is a very busy lady, but we have scoped out someone who speaks Romanian in the stake to visit her.
Yes, our ward Christmas party was this week. There wasn't Zumba like in York last year, but there was Karaoke haha! It was a good time. The Chris that was baptized in November, came and is adjusting really well into the ward and is actually going to Institute next week! We tried to get him to do karaoke, but no success. Some ward members brought their non member friends, so we chatted with them a bit. Overall, it was a good laugh time!
I'm defiantly dreaming of a White Christmas this year. On Thursday, there was a big snow storm. Like the most snow that I've ever seen in England! I was super exited to for it!! It only lasted that day, but it reminded me of back home and was a nice treat. I'm hoping that we'll get loads of snow on Christmas Day!
Another reason why it's going to be a White Christmas is that we are going to be having another baptism this week! Chris passed his interview and is getting dunked on Thursday!! The Lord has blessed me so much with prepared people and it's such an exciting thing to see. There's another lady that we've been teaching that is working towards her goal of the 23rd of December
Anyways, I hope that you all are having a good one and playing in the snow in America, because I will for sure be doing that next year haha. 
Have a good one ..... cheers!

-Elder Holyoak 


Ward Christmas Party