Monday, March 19, 2018

I'm moving again!

Ey up friends and family! Sorry for missing last weeks email. I got you guys a fresh one this week though. This week we got transfers calls, crazy snow, and cancelled church.
Something surprising happened at transfer calls, I'm moving! I'm going back up to Geordie land in the city of Newcastle! I was pretty pumped to hear that. I'm being assigned as a Zone leader. So I need to pass my driving test soon! My new companion will be Elder Winegar from Herriman, Utah. He was the first person I went on an exchange with at the very start of my mission. He is a proper legend in the mission and I'm excited to serve with him!
I was gutted to leave Wakefield and Elder Barff so soon, but I'm excited for a new adventure! I've made loads of homies in the wards here and I'll miss them. This week started off with an exchange with Elder Clain over in the land of Dewsbury. We went finding around a really hilly area for most of the day. There were some really beautiful views. I love seeing the rolling green hills of Yorkshire. We didn't get any strong return appointments that day, but we had a lot of really good conversations.
Elder Barff had a "missionaries going home soon meeting" over at the Leeds institute building this week, because he only has like 4 weeks in England! I wasn't allowed to go to the meeting, so I went with another Elder and we talked to a bunch of Uni students around the area about the superb gospel of Jesus Christ. After their meeting was over, they weren't allowed to tell us what it was about, but my speculation is... that it was about the new and everlasting covenant... haha.
There's a really cool bloke that we started teaching this week. We met him in the street last week and he told us that he recently found his faith and wanted us to come over, so we did of course! We taught him the Restoration in a really cool way, with cups! Elder Barff is super creative. The first time that we taught him we found that he had a really short attention span, so we decided to teach him by using labeled plastic cups. It reminded me of how simple the Gospel really is and it turned out to be a really good lesson. 
We got some more spontaneous snow this weekend.  It was so mad that church got canceled! I've never seen church get canceled and it was proper weird. 

I'm buzzing for some more adventures up in Geordie Land again! I'm taking the train tomorrow morning and I couldn't be more excited! I love this message that I'm sharing with people so much. Serving around Elder Barff, who is going home so soon, has reminded me of how fast time goes by when you're on your mission, so I'm gonna make the most of it! Love yous all, hope you have a canny week.

-Elder Holyoak 

Sunny day after the snow

Cool bloke we are teaching

Plastic cup teaching

Monday, March 5, 2018

Siberian Blast!

Hey Up everyone! My iPad is literally about to die, so I'm sorry for the short email. This week we had a Siberian blast, everything in the UK got canceled, and a little miracle at the Toby Calvary.
Hello all, here's my update of the week. We had really unusual weather this week. It snowed from Thursday to pretty much Sunday and loads of things got cancelled. I booked 2 different driving tests and both of them were cancelled! Haha... I have another one scheduled for Thursday, so hopefully it will go through. It was hilarious seeing cars drifting everywhere in the snow again. People in England do not know how to drive in the snow.
A cool experience I want to share. We've been struggling with finding new people lately and helping people keep commitments. We had a big planning session for a woman we are teaching and we really prayed and thought about plans to help her out. Later that evening, the Burnetts took us out for a nice meal over at the Toby Cavery. When we walked in to take our seats, guess who we saw? The investigator we were praying for was in there eating! She greeted us warmly and even told us, "You guys haven't lost me!" This shows that our planning and praying put us right in her path again.  It was so great to see her and it made us so happy as well.
Again, sorry for the short email. I hope all of you have a good week. We took more pictures on our phone, so I'll send more next week. 


-Elder Holyoak 


Monday, February 26, 2018

Brazilian Food!!

Hola familia!! This week we had exchanges, helped out with a really fun Young Men's activity, ate Brazilian and Portuguese food, and my driving test is this Friday!
Sorry again for the short email today, I had to go to Hull to do some driving lessons to prepare for my test this Friday. I finally found an instructor that drives an automatic, because everyone drives a manual car here and I can't....haha! One cool side is that my driving instructor, George O'Neill is famous, well in the church he is. He's a member of the Hull Ward. If you look up on Mormon Messages "Rescued by Christ" his video will show up. I took a lesson today and it was proper weird driving around roundabouts on the other side of the road.😧
As far as missionary work, this week was pretty rough. The people that we've been teaching have been pretty stubborn and things always come up. What I've realized throughout my mission is that right after you experience the thickest of opposition, is when you see some smashing miracles! I will definitely share some with you guys soon. 
We were well fed this week from a lot of the foreign member in the ward. I had Brazilian food, which included loads of meat and a delectable salad. We also helped out with organizing a missionary themed Young Men's activity. It was a blast! It made me reminisce on my days as a lad hearing others share experiences from their missions. But yeah, I hope you guys have a good week cheers!!

Elder Holyolyolky 

George O'Neill the British falconer and my driving trainer

Young Men's activity

Monday, February 19, 2018

Hungry 2 year old

Hiyuh again! Here's another update from the Wakey lads. This week we started volunteering at a charity shop, a happy/sad Zone Conference, and a crazy 2 year old!
Heyyyyy up mate! This week flew by and it was quite a blur..... haha. It's nice weather outside, so I really want to play footie in the sun this p-day, so I'll make it quick. We had another Zone Conference this week. Elder Watson and Campbell gave their closing testimonies. It's mental to see more and more missionaries leave and time is definitely flying by. Elder Barff and I were asked to do a musical item for our zone training, so we threw together an Armies of Heleman song on the guitar.
Yes, we stared volunteering at a charity. Elder Barff met a lady earlier in his mission through a charity shop that got baptized in Scunthorpe. So we decided to volunteer at one ourselves. It's worth a shot! We met a crazy 2 year old this week. We had a lesson with the lady from Congo and her 2 year old was going crazy! At the end of the lesson, she took a bite out of her "Pathway to Happiness" which a little laminated paper to track people's reading and praying. It was pretty funny and she was very distracting. I'm trying to learn a lot of phrases to say in French to help out with teaching her.
I hope you guys have a good week! Next p-day I'm going to start on my U.K. driving lessons, so wish me luck, cheers!

-Elder Holyoak 

Monday, February 12, 2018

Blood Pudding

Hi there, it's me again, that bloke over in England.... haha! I'm pretty short on time this week cause I took my theory test (written driving test) today and I passed! Gee hoo! This week was the start of new transfer, I tried black pudding for the first time, teaching the Polish, and we taught part of a lesson in French.
Hello! Yes, it's the start of a new transfer, so I've got a new comp and new people in the district. Elder Barff has been proper fun to serve around so far. The first couple of days we both agreed that we felt like we were just on an extended exchange. That's what happens when you know you companion before hand..... haha.
I tried black pudding, also know as blood pudding, this week. It's basically cooked cow blood with spices and fat. It sounded proper minging (unpleasant) at first, but once I tried it, it's actually pretty good! We've been teaching loads of Polish people lately and that's been fun. We also taught a lady from the Congo and Elder Barff spoke in French! Hope you guys have a good week! 

-Elder Holyoak 

 New District

Blood Pudding (black discs)

Monday, February 5, 2018


Howdy my people! It has once again been a glorious week in the service of the Lord here in the centre of the UK, Wakefield. The big updates are: we held a ward Family Home Evening, some changes to Helen's baptism and transfer calls!
That's right, transfer calls already came haha! Man this one totally flew by so fast that when we got the call, I totally forgot. So this is what's happening. I will be staying in Wakey *crowd cheering*, but my beloved half son Elder Selk is gonzo! He's getting shipped up to a little town called Newton Aycliffe. It's just west of Billingham. I have no idea what it's like up there, cause I've never been in the Billingham zone, but I'm pretty sure it's outside of Yorkshire.  He will be missed. But guess who my new companion is going to be?? ELDER BARFF! He was in my district when I was in Brid! He's a hilarious Elder from Tahiti and I can already tell that it's gonna be a good transfer haha. So that was the main update.
This week we organized a ward Family Home Evening. It wasn't the best show up, but it was fun getting to know some more of the members in a more casual setting. We did a little object lesson about service by sucking on sweets and ice. When you think about yourself or suck on ice, it's hard to feel the sweetness of service! We also did sharing time in Primary on Sunday. Haha, it was complete chaos when we walked in at first, but I think that it ended up alright. 
An update on Helen's baptism. She asked us a couple days before her scheduled day, if she could postpone it. I was pretty heart broken with all of the planning and things leading up to it, but I needed to remind myself that everyone has their own agency. We will keep yous posted on how it goes with her. Hope everyone has a good week cheers!! 

-Elder Holyoak 

Elder Barff, my new companion from Tahiti

Monday, January 29, 2018

Chapel Tours and Driving Test

Hey up lads and lasses, blokes and bloketts! This week was full of going to Leeds and taking a U.K. driving test, a miracle of knocking on someone's door, chapel tours for days, and Helen's big day is this Saturday.
So I'll get the bad news out of the way, even though the good defiantly out weighs the bad this week. I went to Leeds this Friday to take my Theory test (the written portion of the U.K. Driving test) and I failed by one question! I was pretty bummed, but I will be taking it again in a couple of weeks and will definitely ace it! It was my first time walking the streets in Leeds. It's defiantly bigger than Newcastle and York. There were loads of people everywhere... haha.
A quick miracle story to share with you guys. Elder Selk and I didn't have any appointments in the evening time, so we decided to knock on people's doors. This is a very bad time to knock and people are usually unreceptive, but I felt good about doing it for some reason. We knocked on this lasses door and she was very friendly to us. She told us how she didn't believe in religion because there are so many different views and people take advantage of it. She said that she hoped something was out there and wanted to know what was true. We weren't able to go in and teach her because of our mission rule, that if a single female is in her home alone we can't go inside, so we told her that we would come by and share more tomorrow. We gave her a Book of Mormon, got her number, and headed off. The next day we came back to teach her with the senior couple missionaries in our ward, the Burnetts, and she told us that she was already on page 20 in the Book of Mormon!! We were so excited and since then we've given her a chapel tour and have plans to introduce her to more members at church and help her get to Helen's baptism!!
On the same day of our chapel tour with that lass, we gave a chapel tour to a woman named Fola. She's from Nigeria. She sounds very promising. I found a nice quote from a friend most people know. Like the famous Yoda once said, "Do or do not, there is no try." You can do anything that you set your mind to! Cheers!

-Elder Holyoak