Monday, June 19, 2017

Happy Favuhs Dee!

Hello my American peeps. Here is another update from sunny Brid. This week was the hottest week of my mission so far, I interviewed someone for baptism for the first time, Rory came to church and I got to eat out with President and Sister Turvey!
Hey up, summer is definitely here in Brid! I bought some aloe vera for the boys in the flat, because we keep getting burnt.... haha. Most days it's been around 27 degrees, which is in the 80s in Fahrenheit. I took some quick slick pics in the sun for all of y'all.
On Sunday, I took a train over to Scarborough to interview someone named James for baptism. Elder Kull and Barff have been teaching him for a while and he's the most prepared person that I've ever met. He's been going to institute and has visited the temple grounds with his girlfriend. That was defiantly the spiritual highlight of my week! His baptism will be this Saturday and I'm really hoping that I'll be able to bring someone over from Brid to see it.
So, the funny story for this week is about Elder Livingston. During morning exercise we ran to the beach like we normally do and he saw a wooden post to break up the waves poking up out of the water. And he told me, "Dude I gotta take a quick karate kid picture on that!" He goes to jump up onto it and he missed and destroyed his leg. His leg had scrapped up against it and it cut his leg up. He was just laughing at himself and said, "I guess that's what I get for being disobedient and getting close to the water!" Obviously, us 18-20 year old blokes are tempted to get in the water on these hot days, but we are resisting and I learned my lesson without getting hurt.....haha.
On Friday, we had interviews. But this time, my mission President came to Bridlington. He and Sister Turvey interview my district and I. After they were finished, they asked us if we could show them around Bridlington because they had never been here before. So we showed them our flat. We rushed in and cleaned a couple things before they came in and then toured a bit around the town. Then they wanted to take us out for a meal. We ate at this restaurant called "Aloha." It had some proper Mexican food, which is really hard to find here in England. It was great getting to know them in a relaxed environment and just hanging out with your mission President and his wife for a little! I talked to President Turvey about music and his band growing up. He was in 4 different bands and mostly played the electric guitar. He told me that his favourite live band that he saw was Led Zeppelin. That's right, he saw them live! That was a really fun night.
On Sunday, it was Father's Day of course and I need to say at least something about my dad in this letter. I wouldn't be the person I am today without him. He always makes me feel good about myself and has been a smashing example to me. Love you Money Maker Mike!  During Sacrament the primary sang "I'm so glad when dad and grandad comes home" in their cute British accents and Rory came! Rory has been making a lot of progress getting off cigarettes and coffee. Things are going really well as of late and I'm just gonna keep trucking along. Hope you chaps have a superb week. Cheers!

-Elder Holysmokes

Dinner with Brother and Sister Turvey

Dodgy me in the water


UK pride- Yorkshire flag on the left, Union Jack on the right

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