Monday, June 12, 2017

More from the land of Brid

Hey up blokes over in the promised land, you alright! It's been another smashing week in the land of Brid. I tried my 4th different Chippy, went on another exchange with the Traveling Assistants, Elder Livingston did a 100 meter dash in the train station and had I another funky fresh Zone Conference.
This week, I was asking a lot of people where the best fish-n-chips to eat at in Bridlington was. There were all sorts of different opinions, but from the responses that I got, the most popular was "Jack's Fish-N-Chips." So, Livingston and I tried it out. This was his first proper fish-n-chips. His verdict was that it was a little too greasy. My verdict, uber delectable. 
Zone Conference was good as usual. It was in Billingham again. I saw Elder at Peña for definitely the last time in the mission. He gave his departing testimony at Zone Conference, because he goes home in July. I know that I mention him a lot, but I hope that I can have an affect on another missionary like Peña has had on me. That chap is gonna have a good time back home en España playing basketball.
So after Zone Conference something funny happened. When we arrived in York, the zone leaders drove us and the Scarborough lads to the train station. I took the first trip and was waiting for my companion. I looked down at my watch, 7:49 and the train left at 7:50. Nope the others weren't gonna make it. So the other beach boys took the train and I waited for the next car load to tell them the bad news. As the car pulls up, I see a blur in my peripherals. Was it a bird, a plane, John the Beloved? No, it was Elder Livingston sprinting to catch the train. Before I could even register what was happening, the train was leaving and I was laughing with the Scarborough missionaries. Luckily the travel assistants were going on exchange with us the next day, so we nipped a ride with them over to Brid.
The exchange was mint, as always with the Travel Assistants. I learned a lot of new things and got a bunch of motivation from them. It's a lot of fun being responsible for all of these blokes on the beach.  A few of the less active members came to church on Sunday and like always we've got some other peeps that we're sharing this message of happiness with. Have a good week over there take care and cheers!

-Elder Holyoak 

Elder Livingston, my companion

Zone Conference

MTC lads

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