Monday, June 26, 2017

Delectable Week

Wazzup my American peeps! This week I went on exchanges with the Zone Leaders in York, James over in Scarborough got baptized, I hosted my second district meeting and we got the coolest new poster for our flat.
It started off a pretty delectable week going on exchange in York with Elder Glenn. The cool things about being around Elder Glenn is that he speaks Chinese. I never realized how many Chinese people live in York until I went on this exchange. We would walk around the streets and he would stop a Chinese person and they would just stare at him and probably think, "This white guy is speaking fluent Chinese to me!" A couple of them said, "Wow! So clear!" We had a lesson with a recent convert named WanTing. We actually met her in one of the public building in the University of York. It was weird walking around the University grounds on my mission for a little haha. 
On Saturday, the super star of the district, James, got baptized! I wasn't able to go over to Scarborough to see it, but the other lads said that it went really well. On Sunday he revived the Holy Ghost and was interviewed to receive the Priesthood. Also, he is going to go to Preston to do baptisms for his father soon.
I had my second district meeting this week. I'll only be holding 4 more, until we have our next transfers.  It's been a lot of fun planning them and helping missionaries to have fun and be uplifting at the time.
One last funny story before I wrap up this email. In England there are bus adverts (advertisements) everywhere. Elder Livingston and I saw a man taking out the old posters and putting in the new ones. So naturally we asked him, "Hey mate can we have one of those posters?" He wrapped it up all nice and gave it to us. So our newest feature to our flat is a massive Transformers poster that we all signed haha. 
Overall it was a pretty good week. The work is going güd and the church is true. Hope y'all have a good week, pip pip cheerio!

-Elder HolySmokes

A little Harry Potter reference

Elder Glenn, the Chines speaking Elder

Flat Mates

Transformers, more than meets the eye

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