Monday, July 3, 2017

Happy Treason Day Peasants!

Happy treason day peasants! Tomorrow will be my first 4th of July outside of the promised land, so it's going to be like any other day haha. This week I did some missionary work with a German, we brought a special guest to district meeting, and somebody is preparing for a baptism!
So I gotta quick funny story before I jump right in. I was getting a haircut today and the barber asked me, "You want any off the fringe?" I had no idea what he was saying, so I ask him what a fringe is. And it's the bangs of your hair! I thought that I was getting pretty used to what British words mean and everything, but this one caught me off guard. I've heard that around Yorkshire people use different words for things.
On Wednesday for district meeting, I invited the legend of the branch Jamie Ackroyd to come and participate with us missionaries. I forgot to take a picture, but it was really fun to have him there. After that, Elder football (Elder Livingston) and I went to Scarborough to go on another exchange. This was my first time going with Elder Kull from Germany. I had only briefly met him in the MTC, but it was ace spending a day with him in rainy Scarborough. 
We made some really good progress with Rory this week. We were able to set a goal with him to work towards his baptism!! He got work off for all of his future Sunday's and is getting close to stopping smoking.  During the last lesson we had with him, he sang for us, "Johnny B Good" and that was lit. 
Well the time has come again for transfer calls. Everyone is telling me that I'm leaving Brid, which is pretty likely. Also, next week Elder Withers is going home to Idaho. Happy Forf of July everyone, make sure to keep your fringes in line.

-Elder kaoyloH

Elder Kull from Germany

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