Monday, July 17, 2017

1st week in North Shields

Way Ay, it's been a proper canny week like! How's it going guys? There's a lot new stuff going on here up in North Shields. I was pranked by a member, Geordie Accents galore, American football in England, and I went to Leeds for a district meeting.
Hey you alright and everything. On Tuesday I took a train up to Newcastle and waved goodbye to the York Zone. The train ride was beautiful going through Darlington, Durham and Newcastle. Elder Anderson (my new companion) from Farmington, Utah picked me up and we went over to North Shields. He's a good bloke and he's been on his mission 6 weeks less than me and he's super chill. He's served in the Leeds 1 ward and here so far. He's a pretty funny guy. I've never served around someone that's so chill all the time... haha. We get along really well and he's breaking me into the area. There's so much already that I love about North Shields! It's the largest area that I've been in so far. Our main source of transportation is the Metro and buses and people really do get more friendly the more north you go.       
Along with the Geordie accent, you know that you've met a proper Geordie when you hear one. There's only been a handful of really broad ones that I've had trouble understanding so far. I'm now in the county of Northumbria. It is the one that touches the Scottish boarder, so the teams in my district are in the Northernmost part of the mission. Since I have a brand new district, I'll introduce everyone to you. So we've got Elder Rodriguez from Barcelona with Elder Mills the same potato lovin' bloke that I served with  up in the Alnwick Branch on the borders. I'll be going on exchange there soon, so I'll let you know how that goes. Then we have Sister Filikitonga from Tonga and Sister Hope from Arizona up in the Ashington Branch. And last but not least, we have the North Shields Sisters, Sister Cook from Garden City, Utah and Sister Rigby Kaysville, Utah.  We've got a proper canny (very good) district over here!
On Wednesday we went to Young Men's because we're teaching James who comes. Some of them had never played American Football before, so we taught them which was super cool.
On Thursday, I went over to a deaf members home named Sister Thompson for tea for the first time. When I got in the sisters were speaking sign language to her. I was trying my best to communicate to her with my iPad. After a while, Sister Thompson said, "I just can't do this anymore!" She wasn't actually deaf and I was super thrown off and everyone laughed. It was a pretty good prank because Sister Thompson can fluently sign. Haha!
I'm really enjoying it over here so far. It's always a weird transition moving to a new area, new missionaries to serve around, and new members but it's good. The work is güd. 

Take care and cheers!
-Elder Holyoak

My new district

Prankster sister missionaries and my new companion Elder Anderson

England Leeds mission District Leaders

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