Monday, July 10, 2017


Way Ay Man! This week we taught a bloke that I found in February, I had some American and English pride, an exchange with the traveling assistants again and TRANSFER CALLS AND....... I'M MOVING TO NORTH SHIELDS!

We received transfer calls on Saturday and tomorrow I'll be moving up north to Geordie Land to North Shields! It's a town that's really close to Newcastle. I'm staying as the District Leader up there and I'm proper pumped. Elder Withers is going back home to Idaho, Elder Lewis is going to a small town called Peterlee and Elder Livingston is training. We're also getting two other new missionaries in Brid while I'm gone. President Turvey made a big change to the mission. Over two thirds of the missionaries were moved or changed leadership positions. The funny thing is that I'm going to the area where Elder Lewis just came from and serving with his previous companion, Elder Anderson. I've only heard good things about the area and that the Bishop is super cheeky. I'm excited to let all of you know about my adventures up there!
This week was of course the 4th of July. Instead of celebrating for America, I went to something called the Proms night. It's basically just a British pride celebration night where they sing songs and waves flags, no fireworks though so that was kinda lame haha. Another really cool thing that happened this week was that Elder Livingston and I decided to knock on a former investigator that I found way back in February. When he opened the door for us he was super friendly and had us come in and share our message with him. He's a cool guy with electric guitars hanging all over his walls and a really nice wife, with 3 boys a girl. Elder Livingston and his trainee will be seeing them next week.
I don't have much else to update on. I'm a bit sick today so I'm gonna go chill while I can. Take care and pray for me that I can understand the Geordies this week haha! 

-Elder Holyoak

North Shields

Proms Night-British Pride Day on July 4th

Showing American Pride

England Leeds Missionary Assignments and Areas
(You can find Elder Holyoak under the Sunderland Zone)

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