Monday, July 24, 2017

Movie man and the start of my black year

Hiyuh kids, you alright! This week Elder Anderson and I were film stars, we had interviews with our Mission President, Dave from York emailed me, we went bowling on P Day and we have a special guest coming to speak to the mission in August.

I went to a chippy with Elder Anderson a couple of days ago and something funny happened. When we finished eating and got up to leave a lady asked us, "Can you guys stay there for 5 more minutes? We've been making a film and you've been in the background." So we stayed and now we're in an Independent English short film haha!
President and Sister Turvey came up to North Shields for interviews again. They had a really cool announcement for us. Elder M. Russell Ballard is coming to speak to our mission on the 2nd of August! It's crazy because we just had Present Nelson speak to us in December, so we're really excited for that. 
This week I was able to go all the way up to Alnwick, the Northernmost part of the mission and go on an exchange. In that village, it has the actual castle used for Hogwarts in Harry Potter! I haven't actually seen it yet, but I definitely will when I go on a P Day. I went on an exchange with the Elder Mills(a former companion). He's still his proper farm boy self, but we had a good day together again. 
I don't really have much else to update on, this week went by really quick. My official 1 year mark is in 3 days..... CRAZY! I already burned a shirt with Elder Livingston when I had the chance. 

-Elder Holyoak

1 year "Burning of the Shirt"

Bowling on P-Day

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